dragons & dreaming

close both eyes to see with the other -rumi

A drawing I never finished…it’s about giving up drinking and about facing the things I’ve done and the people I’ve hurt along the way. It’s about rising above and conquering that which hinders you.

For Remington

New painting, better photo coming soon!

reunited with the bat :)

my beautiful friend Amalia was just recently in Japan and stumbled across these magical sculptures in the forest :)

photos by Amalia Louisson

More of dad’s paintings :) from various times

More of dad’s paintings, he did this one whilst living in lismore many years ago. I only visited this house once but the feeling has never left me. A place of cosmic love and creativity. I especially love the rainbow snake up in the rafters. There really were snakes up in the rafters at this house sometimes, and dad would gently remove them so they wouldn’t come down and surprise my brother Raymond who was a baby at the time :)

More of my dad, Justin browns work

And here we have some of my dad’s paintings, one of my longest running sources of inspiration. These are hidden away in a house in Australia, however I have plans to exhibit his work alongside mine one day :)

Here is more of my little brothers art, I have seven brothers, these drawings belong to my three youngest ones. I recently went home to Australia and was endlessly inspired by my families creations!

One of my brothers made me this wonderful little book

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